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Cancerslug interview with Robbs Metalworks



Cancerslug Storm of Hatred Tour!!


Check the Tour Dates tab for info on when CANCERSLUG hits your area.


Tour Dates Updating Daily!!


Be sure to catch CANCERSLUG this year on the STORM OF HATRED TOUR! Lots of great shows with many surprises!

Check for dates in your area on the TOUR DATES page!






seasons of sickness... vinyl coming soon!



Cancerslug Essentials SHIPPING NOW!!!


Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to re-release all the old albums, and unheard demos digitally remastered and in physical form. This is for the true Slugcult who are ready to dig deeper into the world of Cancerslug. These albums are ready to ship! MANY MORE TO COME!!!


Limited Time Special Order Merch Sale!!!


We are digging in the vaults and making available some out of print hoodie and t shirt designs!! We will make these rare out of print items available for the next couple of weeks on a special order basis only. Make sure you pick up anything you like because these may not be available again for a long time!!! CHECK IT ALL OUT IN THE MERCH SECTION! Slugcult RISE!!!!!!




In order to make room for some new surprises we are clearing out inventory on tour merch. Check out the Slug Merch page for some rare and exclusive items! A lot of this stuff is already out of print so get it while you can.


seasons of sickness... official digital release!!!


The time has come! seasons of sickness... the first official studio release of slugcult records is now available through all digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more. Physical copies are just about ready to be shipped to those who pre ordered and will be available on the site soon as well as several retailers nationwide!

slugcult rise!!!

Cancerslug: Seasons of Sickness...



If you are looking for the pre order link....its gone! All pre orders have sold out. To the SLUGCULT who got them enjoy. You have some stuff that will never be offered again. Digital sales are being processed and physical copies will be available for sale by the end of the month.